Scullion's Timing - Contractor License                 1/5/2019 - 5:45 PM
                        Father Diamond - 1/5/2019                         
                         George Mason University                          
Event 24  Men Long Jump
 3 attempts with top 9 to final.  3 more attempts                         
    Facility: F 26-00  2002        Allen Simms, George Mason U.           
        IC4A: I 7.02m                                                     
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Briscoe, Jr., Ronnie      SO Texas State              7.07mI  23-02.50
      6.53m  6.81m  7.07m  X  X  7.05m                                    
  2 Collerton, Ben            JR Texas State              6.98m   22-11.00
      6.60m  6.54m  -  6.98m  6.53m  6.79m                                
  3 Watson, Aaron             SO George Mason             6.62m   21-08.75
      6.60m  X  6.47m  6.62m  X  6.39m                                    
  4 Herring, Noah             SO Texas State             J6.62m   21-08.75
      6.22m  X  6.21m  6.31m  6.62m  X                                    
  5 Doan, Parker              FR Texas State              6.60m   21-08.00
      X  X  6.38m  6.60m  5.10m  X                                        
  6 Jackson, Brian            SO George Mason             6.13m   20-01.50
      5.76m  5.83m  5.95m  6.13m  6.00m  6.05m                            
  7 ChiCha, Benvindo          FR Bowie State              5.73m   18-09.75
      5.47m  5.73m  5.30m  5.21m  5.15m  5.20m                            
  8 Imes IV, Steven           SO Howard                  J5.73m   18-09.75
      X  5.73m  5.45m  5.13m  5.43m  5.21m                                
  9 Boyd, Kaurice             FR Virginia Union           5.72m   18-09.25
      5.20m  5.43m  5.72m  5.53m  5.72m  5.60m                            
 10 Corley, Derrick           FR Bowie State              5.69m   18-08.00
      5.69m  5.58m  X                                                     
 11 Coe, Isaiah               FR Bowie State              5.64m   18-06.00
      5.64m  5.46m  5.23m