Scullion's Timing - Contractor License                 1/5/2019 - 5:45 PM
                        Father Diamond - 1/5/2019                         
                         George Mason University                          
Event 32  Men Weight Throw
 3 attempts with top 9 to final.  3 more attempts                         
    Facility: F 69-03.25  1999        Adam Connolly, Stanford             
        IC4A: I   17.00m                                                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Viau, Benjamin            SO George Mason            17.60mI  57-09.00
      14.46m  X  15.98m  17.60m  16.49m  16.51m                           
  2 Johnson, T'Mond           SR Texas State             16.75m   54-11.50
      16.75m  16.63m  16.25m  X  16.38m  16.75m                           
  3 Smith, Bobby              SO Texas State             16.61m   54-06.00
      16.24m  16.43m  16.61m  16.54m  X  X                                
  4 Hussey, Samuel            SR Texas State             16.60m   54-05.50
      16.60m  X  15.83m  X  15.43m  X                                     
  5 Simmons, Jaylen           SO George Mason            14.57m   47-09.75
      X  14.57m  X  X  13.70m  X                                          
  6 Yap, Sidney               JR George Mason            14.21m   46-07.50
      12.56m  12.94m  12.83m  X  14.21m  13.17m                           
  7 Sarraf, William           SR George Mason            14.10m   46-03.25
      13.25m  13.41m  14.10m  X  13.78m  13.77m                           
  8 Steward, Cameron          FR Texas State             14.04m   46-00.75
      13.61m  13.86m  13.49m  X  14.04m  13.83m                           
  9 Gross, Garsen             FR George Mason            13.11m   43-00.25
      12.95m  11.52m  9.46m  X  X  13.11m                                 
 10 Codrington, Michael       FR Howard                  11.92m   39-01.25
      11.49m  11.92m  X                                                   
 11 Ransome, Avory            SO George Mason            10.79m   35-05.00
      10.79m  X  X                                                        
 -- Brown, Tyler              FR Howard                    FOUL           
      X  X  X